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...and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.
Look after my heart, I've left it with you.
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31st-Jul-2020 12:37 pm - Friends Only!


My terms are....
1)  I like comments.  Comment on mine and I'll comment on yours.
If you don't comment, we're going to have difficulties.
2) Please say something in this post before adding me.  None of that "add me" crap, but 
actually SOMETHING so I know who I'm adding.
3)  We have to have something in common. 
4)  I don't like drama.  If you don't like what I post don't be my friend.
5)  I LOVE Panic At The Disco so if you don't, don't make fun otherwise 
I'll delete you.
6) Tell me something about yourself.
7) Tell me where we've met.
8)  I'm really nice, I know what I've said sounds bitchy, but I don't
mean it to be.  

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