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...and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.

Look after my heart, I've left it with you.

faux affliction
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I want a good reason of why you want to be my friend. Not just a stupid "Add me?" comment. I want full sentences with good reason.
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Okay, i hate writing these so... yeah, iuno
I like music, i live for it (it sounds cliché but its true), i have my prefered bands and
artists, but i listen to it all... there probably isnt one song that ever comes on the radio that i cant sing along too... and im not talking top 40 stuff, i mean anything. i hear a song once and i remember lyrics (but NO i cant be that way during lectures). i'm a figure skater, my moms a coach and ive done it pretty much forever. i love creative writing and i love to read... pretty much anything, but i simply cant live with out Chuck Palahniuk and JK Rowling (i know, completely different, but i cant help myself). Um, i'm pretty savy with computers however, this is somewhat new so im still kinda lost with stuff... and yeah, im generally pretty chill, but i HATE people that overreact and bitch for no reason. i jk around alot, and i dont mean to offend, but if i do say something and ill explain it was a jk (if it was, most of the time they are)... so yuppers, thats it... and oh ya, i LOVE panic at the disco, mcr, the feeling, the fray, tom waits, elvis costello, michael bublé, and wolfmother and a gazillion others... and ya, i know, it's quite a range, but w/e(: